What is Best Microdermabrasion or Skin Peels?

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion treatment uses a stream of non-allergenic crystals to remove your skin’s outermost layers of dead cells. A handset is used to direct the stream of crystals over your face and target specific areas. The handset uses a mild suction to draw away the crystal and skin debris to reveal your new and improved complexion. It is a non-invasive procedure which reveals younger and healthier looking skin even after the first treatment. The skin then produces increased collagen and elastin production as your body produces a new and fresher looking outer layer of skin.

Many patients see some improvements in the tone, texture, and colour of the treated areas after just one treatment. Microdermabrasion can also improve oily or dull and dry skin.

What problems does Microdermabrasion solve?

Microdermabrasion can be used to treat used to treat fine facial lines, hyperpigmentation from sun damage and scars by removing the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells, revealing younger and healthier, rejuvenated looking skin.

How long does a Microdermabrasion treatment take?

A microdermabrasion procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes and is commonly referred to as the “lunch hour facial” as you can carry on with your daily routine straight after.

How often can you have a Microdermabrasion Treatment?

More than one microdermabrasion treatment session is needed to achieve the most beneficial results. You generally have them a month apart after your skin has recovered and anything from five to twelve treatments are typically necessary to see dramatic results. A lot of patients have a microdermabrasion treatment once a month on an ongoing basis.

What is the recovery time after a Microdermabrasion Treatment?

Recovery time is minimal as it is a non-invasive procedure and you can walk out of the treatment and carry on with your daily life. Some patients can experience skin tightness, redness, bruising, tingling and sensitivity which can last up to 24 hours so you need to be aware of this when booking in for your treatment. It is important not to exercise immediately after your treatment because sweating will cause a stinging sensation that can last several hours, making your skin feel more sensitive.

You should always wear a good and high SPF sunscreen but even more so after a microdermabrasion treatment as the outer skin has regenerated and is new skin therefore prone to burning.

What are the side effects of Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a very safe procedure as it only affects the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis. Potential side effects are minimal and can sometimes include slight skin tightness, redness, bruising, and sensitivity. 

What is a Facial Peel?

Chemical peels remove damaged cells and stimulate the growth of new skin cells and collagen production. There are different peels which are used for different reasons and they should always be customised to suit each patients skin and any concerns they may have. A good facial peel will result in tighter, smoother, brighter and radiant skin. As we age our natural skin rejuvenation process decreases along with our ability to produce collagen and this is when a Facial Peel is perfect as it starts the natural rejuvenation process again.

What problems does a Facial Peel solve?

Chemical peels use tested applications of peeling solutions to remove the damaged skin cells in the outer layer of your skin, the peel promotes the skin to produce more collagen, resulting in fresher, tighter, fuller and younger looking, rejuvenated skin. A peel will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores, tone and texture along with acne and acne scarring.

How long does a Facial Peel treatment take?

A Facial Peel takes anything from 60 to 90 minutes.

How often can you have a Facial Peel Treatment?

Facial Peels can be carried out just once and you will see the results immediately. Wherever we are our skin is exposed to harsh elements, such as; pollutants, harmful ultraviolet rays, central heating and air conditioning and our skin gets damaged from these elements, all of which lead to our skin ageing. This means you can have more than one facial peel as long as you leave your skin enough time to recover and rejuvenate after each one. You should discuss with your doctor when you have your consultation and after you have seen the results if you feel you would like another one.

What is the recovery time after a Facial Peel Treatment?

You can walk out after having a facial peel and carry on with your everyday life. Your skin may feel sensitive and appear slightly red after a peel, however, this is due to the dead skin cells being removed and your skin starting to produce new cells and collagen almost immediately.

You should always wear a good and high SPF sunscreen but even more so after a Facial Peel treatment as the outer skin has regenerated and is new skin therefore prone to burning. Anyone undergoing a chemical peel must stay out of the sun from 6 – 10 days and after that use a high SPF sunscreen.

What are the side effects of a Facial Peel?

A Facial Peel is a safe non-invasive procedure that removes the dead skin cells in the outer layer of skin, which is the epidermis. Side effects can include, sensitive feeling skin, some redness and tightness, however, you will immediately see and feel the benefits and your skin will feel tighter and fresher with a brighter more even tone.   

What should you consider when thinking about having a Microdermabrasion or Facial Peel Treatment?

As we always say and advise, always look for a reputable clinic or doctor whenever you are considering an aesthetic treatment. There are lots of beauty salons out there now offering these types of treatments and the therapists are not qualified and don’t understand the skin enough to ensure it is a safe procedure and you get the results you are looking for.

Use the internet to research clinics and doctors in your area offering treatments and ask family or friends if they have heard of the ones your considering. Check out their customer testimonials on their website and look for testimonials or reports that aren’t detailed on their website as this can always be very telling. Every clinic or doctor should offer you a free, no-obligation consultation where they should be asking you about your medical history, skin and what you want to get from the procedure to check the treatment is OK for you to have and that it will give you the results you are looking for.

They should be knowledgeable in the skin layers and rejuvenation process and be able to answer any questions you may have confidently. You should feel under no pressure to go ahead with your treatment and always ask who will be doing the treatment if you decide to book. You should feel comfortable in the presence of the doctor who you are having your consultation with and know they will be the one carrying out the treatment.

So which one is best - Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are both procedures which exfoliate the skin to improve the appearance of skin imperfections. Microdermabrasion works best for superficial skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles. Facial peels are more effective for more skin problems such as wrinkles, skin imperfections, tone and scaring.

A facial peel will give you instant results and you don’t need to go back for regular treatments as you do with Microdermabrasion to see the full results, saving you money in the long run. A facial peel will improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores, tone and texture along with acne and acne scarring, whereby microdermabrasion works better for more subtle skin imperfections.

As an example, someone with dry skin can see better results from a physical exfoliation such as microdermabrasion, whereby someone experiencing oily skin, with visual pores or scars will benefit more from a facial peel.

If you are considering a Chemical or Facial Peel then Dr Baines offers a range of peels suitable for all skin types. He will talk to you in depth about your skin, your concerns and the results you are looking for and give you guidance on the best solution for you.

About Dr Baines

Dr Paul Baines has been medically qualified for over 23 years and has experience in a wide range of medical and surgical procedures. He offers a holistic approach to skincare and non-surgical aesthetic treatments which he has been practising for the last 10 years and is highly regarded in the cosmetic industry.

Dr Baines ethos is to provide safe procedures and to ensure his patients maintain a natural look. He believes ‘less is more’ and your friends and family will see a rejuvenated, fresher and younger looking you. Dr Baines is happy to talk you through any questions or concerns you may have before booking your free consultation with him.

Dr Baines offers a free, no-obligation consultation at his clinic in Taunton and won’t carry out any treatment until he has done a thorough assessment of your skin, the benefits you are looking for and your medical history through a detailed discussion with him.

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