Lines & Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkle treatment Taunton

As we age, so does our skin, it loses its collagen content along with a reduction in elastic fibres.  This results in thinner skin with less support.  Lines and wrinkles are worsened by sun exposure, pollution, facial expressions and lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking alcohol.  Dr Baines Skin Health offers a range of treatment options to suit your individual needs, to help soften and relax the lines creating a natural look. 

Treatment options include:

  • Muscle relaxing injections.

  • Dermal filler to lift lines.

  • Profhilo to improve hydration and fine lines.

  • Tixel to boost collagen production, reduce fine lines and provide lift to the face.

  • HydraFacial to maintain healthy skin and to boost collagen production.